Arrow Keys
(X) / Crafting Menu
(O) / Drop Equipment
Z / C
Use Equipment / Throw Spear (at mouse position)
L - Click

The Player

You play as this orange shirted guy; the camera follows the middle of him and your mouse.

Picking up Sticks and Stones

You pick up sticks, stones, and your tools by walking over them.


Pressing (X) will open the crafting menu, where you can click on an item on the left side of the screen to craft with the materials you've picked up.

Spear Tossing

While you have the spear, holding the mouse button will start a "swing aim". Let go to have the spear fly in the direction the yellow line is pointing. Once your spear lands, it will be able to be picked up again by walking over it


You can only carry one tool at a time, pressing (O) will drop your currently held one allowing you to pick the other up.

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